We're All Measuring Our Dicks

by Bear Puck

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Few things first, one song has a weird skip (that was my fault, not Devin's) and for some reason vocals got cut for one line of Shit Pt.III

Mr. Denim's half: (Their songs should be 1-6, mine are 7-12)

I remember when I first heard Mr. Denim on Artichokeification's Youtube page and thinking, "My gawed... could I ever be as amazing as these guys?" Their stuff was so good it inspired me to write a song trying to sound like Tyler's writing style (G.O.D. from the Demo). Every since I started talking to Janusz and Tyler, this split was meant to be. They are two of the coolest guys I've ever met. Janusz would send very personalized notes with everything I bought from them and Tyler let me hang out with him the whole time at PIX Fest. Big thanks to Devin for recording this. He's awesome. I'd also like to thank everyone who has ever listened to my music, and supports either of our bands. You guys are the reason we keep doing this. I'd also like to thank Mikey Spiller. He does a lot of stuff for Mr. Denim and made all these CD cases with Tyler. Lastly I'd like to thank Sam. He is responsible for all of this. Thank you! - Bear Puck (Steven Park Leighton)


released August 31, 2012

All of Bear Puck's half is written by me (Steven Leighton) except Little Sheets of Paper by Tyler Crain. All instruments were also done by me. Recorded in Devin's old house and new recording studio room. (The old house has a noticable echo. Sorry about that.) Artwork by Tyler Crain.



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Bear Puck Gainesville, Florida

Just a poor kid who lives in Gainesville playing guitar and singing about random stuff.

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Track Name: Shit I'm Afraid of Pt.III
I'm afraid of my fans. I'm afraid they might meet me.
And find out I'm a boring person.
I'm afraid of my alcoholic disease. Won't someone help me, please?

I'm afraid of sex, (for different reasons than Tyler),
Ruining my relationships.
I'm afraid women like fucking with my head, or they just want me dead.

I'm not afraid of death, cause we all die alone.
I'm afraid to be living.
I'll be the first to admit, my life is shit

I'm afraid that Tyler doesn't actually like me,
But he's nice cause I like his band.
I'm afaid he did this split out of pitty, and just wasn't too busy.

I'm afraid of this feeling. I feel like I should die,
Cause I'm useless and worthless.
(this next part got cut somehow...)
[I'm afraid that I'll out live my mother. I wouldn't be alive without her.]

I'm afraid of these cancer sticks.
I'm afraid of my home.
I'm afraid of every person I see.
I'm afraid of being alone.

I'm afraid I got fucked up too young,
And that's why I'll never love.
I'm afraid of what I'll do from now on.
I'm afraid of what I've done.

I'm afraid of these words that I write.
I'm afraid they come out wrong.
I'm afraid of what Tyler's gonna think,
But I had to write this song.
Track Name: Shana VS The Demons of New Jersey
She plays the drums like a fiend.
Her voice sounds like a dream.
She's crazy talented. Humble as a little kid. (not true)
No idea why she talks to me.

We talk of bad things in our life.
Can't help but try to make them right.
I hope the thought still counts cause lately I've been strikin' out.
Guess I'll try again another night.

And every night goes on and on.
Sleep never seems to come.
Shana's gonna kill her demons tonight.

Maybe we'll get big someday,
Or at least I'll come out and see you play.
Money's hard to get so smoke another cigarette,
It'll help us find a way.

And every night goes on and on.
Sleep never seems to come.
Gotta kill your demons Shana
(Lots of "Na na"s)
Track Name: The Happiest Days of My Life. (Or "It's Alive! PtII")
I'm so sad that I am broke,
And I'm so broke that it's a joke.
And I'm so sick of being told,
"Steve, you're getting too damn old
To keep acting like a kid.
Let's keep you medicated.
If you're having this much fun,
You have to be lazy and young."

Walked a mile to your place,
Fell flat on my fucking face
In front of all your fake friends.
Thought I'd never hear the end
Of those jokes that never stopped.
Always makin' my ears pop.
As the blood would trickle down,
Silence was the best sound.

And the happiest days I know
Are the days I play a show.
That's when I truely feel ALIVE!

Whiskey drowns my liver fast,
As I try to forget the past.
Vodka don't do it for me.
Only Jack Daniels can it be.
My friends start to turn to haze,
And I'll continue this for days.
Cause I still recall the girl
As beautiful as a pearl.

And the happiest days I know
Are the days I play a show.
That's when I truely feel ALIVE!
Track Name: This Song Is Untitled. Because Every Band Has A Song Titled "Untitled"
I'm rippin' off your face.
And I'm tearing down this place.
I'm thrashing through the halls.
And I'm smashing up the walls.
There's only silence as I yell.
Making the best of this hell.

But I'll make this hell my own.
I'll make this hell my home.

The smoke starts getting thick.
You make my stomach sick,
When I think of how you were,
My heart, it still yearns.
Now I'm all alone.
Guess I'm meant to always be on my own.

But I'll make this hell my own.
I'll make this hell my home.